Dr. Hany Elbibany

The first Egyptian medical doctor to be scientifically qualified from the American Life University of Chiropractic, to treat symptoms and pain of the spine using chiropractic techniques listed in the World Health Organization, and it has an international federation in Canada that undertakes the development of the profession in more than eighty member states whose practitioners are represented. Egypt is affiliated with the Cyprus branch of the Regional Union for the Middle East and Mediterranean

The therapeutic services provided by doctor

Chiropractor & Chiropract

A chiropractic doctor is called a “chiropractor” and practices the profession of chiropractic, and he specializes in spinal care.

Adjuvant therapy

We use safe physical therapy methods to help activate the muscles, reduce the severity of pain, and remove post-treatment sensations.

Rehabilitation & fitness exercises

We provide advice and sports assistance, focusing on the spinal muscles, balance exercises and the use of air balls.

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Dr. Hany Elbibany