Adjuvant therapy

Adjuvant Therapy

We utilize some of safe physical therapy means to help stimulating muscles and decrease the intensity of pain and eliminate after adjustment sensation.


1.Hot & Cold Packs:

Applying heat or cold packs help in improving blood circulation so wash away cumulated metabolic products causing pain and discomfort. Relaxing muscles and cold packs work as a local analgesic for chronic or acute pains. Selection of type of temperature depends on clinical experience.


2.TENS Therapy:

Trans-ectodermal nerve stimulation is a form of electric muscle and nerve stimulators. It is an effective convenient way of muscle and nerve rehabilitation and we achieved very good results using it in our office.


3.Thumper Electric Massager:

Two or eight ball machine massager. Allow deep vertical massage to muscles. It takes all thickness of four layers of muscles of the back and relaxes the smallest muscles of spine thus keep the adjusted bone in a better spot and decreases frequence of symptoms recurrent.


4.LASER Therapy:

Lately a new and safe , USA FDA approved, photo modulated (PBM) therapy has introduced to our treatment methods.

Such LASER application form of therapy can stimulate or inhibit biological process in the cell. So it can decrease pain level or improve cell performance. LASER4 technique is safe to tissues thanks to its limited penetrability.

Our center is one of pioneer clinics in the middle east using such instrument, applying the LASER therapy to our chiropractic care plans cut down the number of cessions by about 50%

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