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About Doctor

Dr. Hany Elbibany

Born in Mansoura in 1961, he grew up in Cairo and studied there until he graduated from Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine in 1984. His first life dream was to pursue a specialty different from what he grew up with in his family. But even after he graduated and obtained a degree in specialization in medical analysis, he still felt some deficiency in the medical specialty – God willing, to give him what he lacked in the chiropractic specialty, which he felt a special desire to study to relieve his mother’s back pain (may God have mercy on her), which the doctors failed to find relief for. They did not increase her problems with wrong advice

He joined Life American College in 1990 and graduated in 1994. He worked in the United States during and after his studies. Then he returned to Cairo to greet his mother, who was suffering from spinal pain, especially after the passing of his mother. Her great response to treatment was a strong motivation to start establishing his clinic in Heliopolis in 1997.

During that time, he continued to pursue experiences and information, so he traveled several times to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and America. This is to renew his experience and treatment methods in Egypt. He practiced work at the Life Chiropractic Center in Malaysia, then returned to see his patients in Egypt, and is working to fully recognize the profession and bring in practitioners so that he can spread chiropractic health services in other governorates, especially after he was approved by Palmer of America as an external professor to train its graduates in Cairo.

Despite the recommendation of the Supreme Council of Universities to bring the chiropractic specialty and profession under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in 2006, the length of time and the application’s passing through several stages increased the feeling of instability. Despite the success he achieved and the great encouragement from patients and friends, a number of negatives, including the lack of specialization within the Medical Association, hindered the continued growth of the specialty and its introduction to the public.

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Egyptian Society for Chiropractic

The goal of the Egyptian Chiropractic Society is to bring together chiropractic doctors around the world in one group in Egypt. Based on the practical experience of the association’s founders, organizing the profession must go through certain steps

Dr.’s work Throughout this period, Hani Al-Bibani worked to legislate the profession. But he is faced with many difficulties, including routine and opposition from some specialties related to spine treatment.